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Upon ArcelorMittal Galati request, ROMANIA EUROEST together with INDA developed the very first Li-Ion Battery Powered Electric Locomotive from Europe, LEA-001 which started to work in June 2015, followed by LEA-002 and then through the extension of maximum speed range, by LEA-003 and LEA-004.

This locomotives serie was achieved by replacing the Diesel Hydraulic Propulsion of the LDH1250HP locomotive with an AC Electric Propulsion System powered by Li-Ion Batteries. The new locomotive solved specific requirements of ArcelorMittal, as:
- Shunting service on internal railroads;
- Hauled tonnage: 1500 t, 3 ‰ ramp;
- Maximum speed: 5 -15 km / h;
- Full recovery of the electric braking energy.



INDA has designed and developed the AC Electric Propulsion System consisting of the Traction & Charging Converter based on WO 2011/055230 A2 patent application, the Static Converter of the Auxiliaries, the Integrated Traction Control System of the Vehicle, the Battery Management System (BMS) and the corresponding Active Charge Redistributive System.

The main data of the propulsion system:
- Battery element type: Li-Ion;
- Total energy stored 225 kWh;
- Maximum power available for traction: 300 kW;
- Time spent for battery charging from empty to full: 2 1/2 hours.



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